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Answers to the most frequently asked HomeManage tech support questions:

1. Can HomeManage be configured to use the Currency Symbols from another Country?

HomeManage uses the Currency settings configured in your Windows Control Panel.  If your Windows installation is set to use the UK currency symbols and formatting for example, that is how currency will be displayed within HomeManage.

2. HomeManage crashes every time I click on the Pictures tab when adding or entering data.


This can usually be solved by "un-checking" the Use Webcam check box in the program preferences (TOOLS > PREFERENCES)

Use Webcam

3. I have to re-enter my registration code every time I run HomeManage, even though the program says the code was registered successfully.


This seems to be a problem with some Windows Vista users.  Please do the following:

a) Right mouse-click on the program icon and select "Run As Administrator" from the popup menu.

b) Enter the registration information for the program.

c) Run the program again normally. 

d) If the problem persists can you try running as "Run As Administrator" whenever you run the program

We realize this it not the optimum solution, we are working  with the company that makes the registration system to fix this.

4. I cannot run HomeManage, my anti-virus program says the download/program contains a virus.

This is a false positive, once in awhile an anti-virus program incorrectly flags the licensing code in our programs as being a virus. The resolution to this problem is for us to contact the anti-virus software developer, they usually release corrected virus definition updates within a few days. The licensing system we use is also used in thousands of other software programs so the chances are that the problem has already been reported multiple times.


5. I cannot download HomeManage, the download does not seem to finish.


 This could be due to a virus false positive (see answer 3 above), the anti-virus program will not allow the download to be run or saved to disk.  It could also happen if the download does not complete due to problems with your Internet Service Provider or our file download site.  In this case you may see an error message: "Please Insert Disk #2".


6.  I have purchased a new Computer.  How can I install HomeManage on the new computer and retain all my data and images?


Here are instructions on moving HomeManage to a new machine:

In all cases you should install the program on the new machine. Do not simply copy all the program files over.  The setup program must be run.

a) Do a backup (File > Backup Database..)

b) In the Backup Save As dialog, you can change the name of the backup file or accept the default name

c) then select (File > Manage Backup Files) from the main menu.  

d) Take the most recent Zip file and transfer it to your new machine.  You can do this by copying the ZIP file to a USB or external drive..or perhaps copying it to a shared folder on your network that the new machine has access to.

e) Install and run HomeManage on your new machine. 

f) Select (File > Restore..) from the main menu. 

g) Select the ZIP file you backed up in the previous step and press the Open button.

If you are using an old version of HomeManage that does not have a backup command:

a) You should install the program on the new machine. 

b) Then copy the ASSETS.MDB file from the old machine to overwrite the file

On the new machine. 

c) If you have been attaching your own images to asset records, copy all the JPG files in the AssetImages subdirectory

To the same Windows folder on the new machine.

Note:   The location of the ASSETS.MDB file is in the data folder as shown in the program preferences.   If you can't see the

 data folder  above, This may be because Windows hides some directories by default.  To change this:

 In Windows 7:


 In Windows Vista:



 In Windows XP:



7. I have been using the Intuit Quicken home inventory software for a number of years.  I just upgraded my computer to 64 bit and found that quicken is not supporting that software and does not plan to make it compatible with 64 bit computers.

I really don't want to reenter all of my data to go into a new program. I like the look of your program but need to know how difficult it will be to transfer the current data into your program.

If you can export the Quicken data to a CSV or Excel format, you can then import it into HomeManage.

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