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Common Pre-Sales Questions about our Software

 Answers to the most frequently asked pre-sales questions:

1.  Will your Software work on an Apple Mac computer?


We do not currently offer any native Mac applications.  It is usually possible to run our software bye using a PC emulator for the Mac called Parallels.  See for more information.  Please download the demo for the program you are interested in purchasing to make sure it will work on your Mac + Parallels configuration.  We do not currently offer any application for the iPad or iPhone.


2.  Can I put the software on my desktop and on a laptop for traveling? Can I move the data between -- using backup for example?


Yes you can install and use the software on more than one computer, as long as only 1 person will be running the program at a time.  To move data between the computers, you can either: a) backup the data to a ZIP file (FILE > BACKUP DATABASE) b) Take the most recent backup ZIP file (FILE > MANAGE BACKUP FILES) c) copy the ZIP file to the new computer and use (FILE > RESTORE) on the target machine to load the data and images you were working with.


Another way to share data between 2 machines is to set the Data Directory to a folder on a portable external hard drive.  Then move the portable hard drive between the 2 machines.


HomeManage is a single user program that can also be used in the manner described above.  Use our AssetManage software for multi-user capabilities as well as many additional features. 

3. How often is StampManage, CoinManage, HomeManage or CurrencyManage updated?  What are the costs involved.

StampManage, HomeManage and CoinManage:  We update the program every couple of months with new data, values and program features.  The updates are free if you are a customer of the most recent version.  We release a major new update to the software every year that is not free. You can upgrade for 19.95-29.95 depending on what version you have and whether you want to download or receive the upgrade on CD/DVD.  It is not mandatory to upgrade each year, you can skip years and catch up later with no penalty.  Or you can continue using the version you have for as long as you want.

CurrencyManage is updated once every 18 months with an occasional free update for current customers. 

4. I want to order by Check/Money Order. 

To pay be check or money order, send payment to

Liberty Street Software, 1477 Mississauga Valley Blvd. Suite 409, Mississauga, ON L5A 3Y4 Canada

If paying by money order, please make sure the money order can be cashed in Canada.  Some money orders will state "Only valid in the United States and Possesions".  We cannot cash these types of  money orders.

 5. I have been using a competitor's product.  Can I import my data from that program into your's?

Our HomeManage home inventory program lets you import data from an Excel Spreadsheet, Access data file or CSV file.

Our StampManage, CoinManage and CurrencyManage products do not allow importing from another application.  "Mapping" a database from another program to ours is extremely difficult and error-prone.  Some of our major competitors use obsolete or encrypted data files, make the process even more difficult if not impossible.

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